Halcyon Days



Sometimes, I feel that my life has become static. I don’t feel any motion, change or improvement. It feels as if it’s a prolonged period of confusion. Meanwhile, the world around me runs fast, so fast, it feels that I’m skipping through it, perceiving it as being one motionless picture.

Everything changes so quickly, in the blink of an eye, that I find myself standing static. Days pass by and I’m still in the same frame of mind, struggling with the same thoughts and ravaging opinions, countering the same arguments in my head, tackling the same emotions in my heart, while the world seems to have lived through those days. I find myself at the same spot, lost.

It’s not about the world being too fast and I being too slow to cope with it. No. It’s about me being so occupied with one thing that I become oblivious to the speediness of the world around me.

This leaves me with a mixed bag of feelings, mostly dominated by frustration. This is because I despise myself for not being caught up whereas in reality I was caught up somewhere else.

The world around you may move according to its own normal speed, but sometimes we need to slow down and analyse our pace and direction.

Remaining static can either make you or break you. It can make you wiser, analytical, critical, observant and accurate. Or it can break you into pieces, all loosely tied by the strings of depression, frustration, anger, anxiety and dissatisfaction.

Stagnancy also makes me feel detached. I feel distant from the rest of the world, as if I’m observing it from the outside, as if I’m not a part of it, but just a mere observer. This makes me feel hollow, creating a vaccum in my body, where new strange emotions get sucked and creep in and make my struggle harder.

It’s difficult, to re-find yourself. It’s difficult to reattach yourself to the world you thought you had relinquished. It’s difficult to mentally start over and start afresh. It’s difficult to gather the strength to face the repercussions of your stagnancy while time flew by. It’s difficult to reacquaint yourself with the changes that took place. Moreover, it’s difficult to make yourself accustomed to the fact that you changed while you thought that you remain unchanged during the same time when the world around you changed manifold.

It might be difficult, but it’s not impossible.


Stars do speak

Do you ever feel,

when you look at the stars,

that they are, perhaps, trying to tell you something?

But amidst the noise,

and the cacophony of your own head,

the message gets lost and vanished in the air.

Those are words unspoken,

which reside invisibly surrounding you,

in the vacuum that your thoughts have crafted.

And the sound of the enlightening words,

that needs space to traverse,

gets hindered and unfortunately, captivated.


Do you ever feel,

when you look at the stars,

that they are trying to voice an inkling?

But your foolish brain,

lacking the ability to comprehend,

makes you believe that they’re just twinkling.

Maybe it’s a hint,

for us to acknowledge,

and make our lives a million times better.

Instead, we just consider them,

to be a bunch of burning spheres,

and their unfathomable heat gets bound within fetter.

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Do you ever feel,

when you look at the stars,

that they do more than just show us the way?

They’re not just mere impressions,

of good souls, without bodies,

but are the antithesis of doubt and disarray.

They give us comfort and solace,

by providing an atmosphere of peace,

but require the ability to be understood with zero indications.

They’re guides for a reason,

as they don’t get distracted by stray things,

and keep glimmering amidst the air of confusion.


Do you ever feel, 

when you look at the stars,

that they’re trying to strengthen you?

Don’t you see,

that the message is loud and clear?

And their absence in daytime is a pertinent proof.

They recede and fade away,

not with the intention to leave us alone,

but to compel us to look for the light within us.

Why, otherwise, 

would they return at night,

and add to our newly acquired glister?


The word ‘photographs’ strikes numerous chords in my heart. This is because it’s synonymous to an umpteen number of things. It’s such a vast term that it cannot be entrapped in a single interpretation. It has a fairly simple meaning: a captured moment, however, the moments captured in photographs become eternal. Why is it that I am overwhelmed by the word ‘photograph’ alone?

I think that our brain is like a storehouse of photographs. All our thoughts are stored in our brain in the form of graphics in different albums. There are some things that we see and some that we perceive. Our brain maintains two unending albums. One, to store what we see through our eyes and another, to store our thoughts. This is why when we are in a particular situation, images start popping up in our heads which either tend to excite us further or calm us down.


Photographs are like a tangible extension of our brain.

There are some pictures which are so delightful that any dejected person can derive happiness from them. And some, in which lie captured, our proudest accomplishments, which can inspire us at any instant. Some, tend to amuse, as they remind us of the circumstances in which they were taken. There are also some other pictures which push us into a sphere of strong emotions as they contain people who are no longer with us. Even in this last case, such photographs can prove to be pleasant if we recall the memories made with these people.

Some people like to click photographs as they get the assurance and certainty that a certain particular moment will never be forgotten by them. This comforts them as no matter where the routine of their life takes them, they can always look at these photographs and cherish their past memories.

Some people think that photographs propagate deception as we dress up and smile for a photograph. In such cases, perfection is misconstrued as pretence. A person is just trying to present his best version to be captured in a picture and there is nothing wrong with that. Why should a person not be his best self? No matter whether a photograph is being taken or not, a person should always present his best self because there is some retinal camera that is capturing our actions. 


Photo albums are like a miniature chronological timeline of our lives. When assembled in an orderly fashion, photographs can tell stories. They might not be able to express themselves vocally but they can visually connect with our heart and soul. This is what makes photographs unique: their simplicity.

Photography is an art. Some people believe that they are very photogenic, however, a true photographer can not only make a human but also an inanimate object seem photogenic. Photography complements all other forms of art. In fact, in the absence of graphics, any art will seem incomplete, whether it is poetry or music. Photographs can intermingle with the words of poetry and the lyrics of songs to make the communication of the message even more impactful. Photography rules over all other art forms. It is like the Jack of all trades and it goes with every artistic entity, making it even more powerful than before.


Photographs do not require an eye to be seen or felt with. They just require a heart to be perceived with. Even those who cannot see photographs through their eyes, can simply build them up in their heads. This is where the multifaceted aspect of photographs comes in. They are all-encompassing. Photographs are not just mere representations of captured moments, rather they depict visions, memories, perceptions, aspirations and most importantly, they are the physical sketches of what our brain can see.

However, photographs are vulnerable to malicious editing. They no longer remain trustworthy proofs or resources. This issue should be dealt with and photographs should remain the pure and pristine entity that they are. They should never make anyone melancholic; they should only make us feel happy and rejuvenated.

“Capturing the world in photographs,

she knew that she was freezing time,

what she did not know was that,

she was creating eternal memories for life.”


I’ve always been an admirer of the sky, be it the sparkling stars or the glowing Moon or the mighty Sun or the refreshing light blue sky or the fragile white clouds or the flight of birds migrating to unknown destinations and embarking on exciting adventures or even the tiny airplanes that leave behind the traces of their existence. I find fascination in these stretches of the magnanimous sky and it’s pretty miraculous how it helps me grow.

My admiration forces me to believe that these vast skies have such potential and are so difficult to comprehend that they should inevitably be compiled into a book. One can learn every life lesson from skies, all one requires is the vision to do so.

When I look at the bluish purple hued sky, 

I find a willingness within myself to organise my thoughts, clear my head and make the right decisions. It enables me to see clearly without any fog clouding my judgement or influencing my rationale in any undesired way.


When I look at the shimmering stars and the radiating Moon,

I learn how to appreciate the silent symphonies of the cosmos. This, in a way, teaches me to pay attention to even those trivial things in life which do not speak out loud but run deep as the silent waters. This teaches me how important it is to neglect the flaws in one’s appearance to truly credit them for the amazing uniqueness they possess.


When I look at the fragile clouds,

I aspire to reach fabulous heights and test myself to my maximum potential. I also learn not to underestimate the delicate things for when the boundary is crossed, even slight drizzles from these clouds can create floods and ravage everything alive.

When I look at the mighty Sun,

I realise how important it is to maintain a strong character despite all troubles. This teaches me that a calm and together person can make it through any hardship as one’s strength reflects on his personality.

It also shows me the importance of enlightenment and encouragement to a dejected person just as an overcast sky craves for a streak of sunlight.


When I look at the flight of birds,

I imbibe courage from them. I learn how essential it is to leave behind one’s past sorrows and embark on newer voyages to find one’s lost self. These birds show me the power that lies hidden underneath team work and how the love and support of others can make us accomplish unfathomable heights.

When I look at the uniform voluminous sky,

I learn how important it is to treat everyone equally. It shows me that it’s imperative to appreciate every little thing and that everyone should get the respect, recognition and acknowledgement that they deserve.

And when I look at an airplane,

I see the imprints that humans have left on the sky. It shatters me to see that nothing in nature remains natural. However, I, being the admirer that I am, find inspiration even in these symbols of human power and accomplishments. The trail left behind by these airplanes shows me that no matter where I go, my roots will always be attached to where I come from.

Also, seeing an airplane take off alone in the unending sky, instills in me, the belief that I can do anything and everything on my own. It teaches me that there will be times when the entire world might be against me and in those times, my innate strength will help me survive.


Silent Enunciation

I’m a wordsmith.

I know how to transform words into verses that you’ll find charming.

I know where to use idioms to enhance fascination.

I know how to modify lyrics into poems that’ll enrapture you.

I also know how to amend poems into captivating lyrics that you go on reiterating.

I know how to make words rhyme so as to enkindle music in your brain.

I can infuse excitement as motion in your paralysed static brain waves.

I can make your soul dance to melodious rhythms you didn’t know existed.

I know how to renovate modest sarcasm into limericks that’ll crack you up.

I know how to make any monotonous text interesting.

I also know how to make a spine-chilling plot prosaic.

I know how to disguise the bad as good so that you don’t see the evil hidden underneath.

I can keep you drowned in mystery and suspense for an eternity.

I can also reveal the answer in an instant and you won’t even know that you have it.

I find solace in the diversity of this art.

And I feel rewarded if my ingenious renditions speak to you.





Look within yourself,
Look past this exterior,
And tell me what you see;
I have done the same,
I have looked through you,
And I have seen a vast sea;
But I feel that this is useless,
I feel it is frivolous because,
It doesn’t matter what I see;

This inner magic is a gift,
It is just for you to discover,
It is special and unique;
Don’t give up just right now,
There are infinite miles to explore,
Beautiful depths to perceive;
There are secrets you don’t know,
Arcane facts that you’re unaware of,
But wait, they will themself speak;
You don’t know what you possess,
What you encompass within yourself,
What you deliberately fail to believe;
Just listen to this sweet whisper for once,
Acknowledge its existence,
It’s not here to deceive;



Just confide, this is not a lie,
Not something that will disappoint you,
Or turn into a catastrophe;
It’s here to unveil,
What you have failed to see, 
In all these years that have managed to flee;
I find a sense of truth in this, and,
I feel it as strongly,
As the wind that surrounds me;
Let this thought make your conscience collapse once,
Let it merge with the blood in your veins once,
Let it engulf you in its potency;
Don’t belittle yourself,
Don’t underestimate what can’t be estimated,
Don’t run away from this transparency;

Just push past these barriers,
Tear down all the curtains,
Let the enchantment reveal;
This is your strength,
Your merit and your virtue,
Your personal degree of supremacy;
Don’t you get nervous now,
No hesitation at this juncture,
Don’t get clouded with uncertainty;
It’s not much that I’m asking for, 
It is just a favour for yourself,
It has no benefit for me;
Just for once, become a little open,
Cut down all your inhibitions,
And jump into this Ferrari…

Fluctuating Opinions

I contemplate a lot. A LOT. Sometimes, I end up confusing myself. I forget what my initial argument was and all I’m left with is a thousand new ones. 

I have a sickness of evaluating things. Seeing every tiny bit of good and bad in anyone and anything. However, my cancer is that I keep changing my opinion. Indecisiveness to be precise.

Should I feel blessed or cursed for my fluctuating opinions?

I sleep with some promises and some goals and obligations, and the next day, I wake up with doubt and uncertainty engulfing me. I drift off choosing the better side and wake up all drowned in the fear of the darker one.

What if I stand firmly with my belief, without examining both the sides of the coin and end up being blinded by falsehood? That isn’t good. Although it’s good to analyse each situation, some time should be left for judgement as well. We spend all our time assessing the good and bad aspects so deeply that we miss out on the important thing- the decision. Ultimately what matters is not our evaluation but our decision. 


We’ve been designed by nature to see the good in everything but some of us outgrow that.

We encounter one setback and lose our capability of filtering the good or in some cases, even acknowledging it. Eventually, all we do is deprive ourselves of the happiness that we deserve. 

It is necessary, now I feel, to choose and then counter your choice in order to be true to yourself, to be confident that your choice is correct and to be able to handle all criticism thrown at you.

After thinking about it A LOT, I’ve understood that I should feel blessed to have fluctuating opinions. This fluctuation is not to be seen as the one which gradually damages the bulb and leaves it irreparable but as the one that shows you the sparkling bright side of everything and then fades away for some moments to force you to see the darkness hidden underneath. 


There’s a lot that I believe in and a lot that I want to believe in. It goes hand in hand. Sometimes I feel I trust too easily, while some other times, my obstinacy goes against me.

I have a slightly profound tendency of believing in impossible things. Maybe that’s because I’m somewhat comforted by the thought that they’ll never disappoint me. But what if they do happen? I still remember the word ‘miracle’.

I guess in that case, I’ll just be happy to have been alive to witness one.

Some beliefs come with time – like trusting a person. However, some other beliefs come to us instantly – like our opinion of a person. It takes a hell lot of courage to accept the faults in one’s beliefs and switch to the right one. ~’Tis A Rarity


Some people are so eccentric that they can never strongly endorse their own credence. Usually, these are people who follow the herd (even with a herd, they’re not capable enough to move with it so they have to follow it), not knowing what they’re doing. Our conscience is our strongest weapon. If it ever gets adulterated, we’ll be left  clueless of what we’re doing and then we’ll start leaning on to others for support. Being weak ourselves, we’ll start SHARING the other person’s beliefs instead of CREATING our own. Our innovation, in such cases, gets beaten to death.


I believe that we are just one exception away from changing our beliefs.

This means that one day, such a person will come along, who’ll contradict our beliefs and also prove himself/herself right. However, as I said, the person will be an exception. ~A Rarity In Today’s Recurrent World

And at that moment, I believe that my rationale would not make me obstinate and keep me in the dark, instead it’ll give me the strength to believe righteously because in the end, THAT’S ALL THAT WE NEED.

~Anguished Hearts~

The dark nights just wouldn’t pass.

Each time, rage they would encompass.


Tears assembled every night,

they’d leave behind courageous eyes.


Tortured, the brain became each night.

Perplexed thoughts remained each time.


Questions to which there were no answers,

were the only remains in the house of the master.


Of pain and agony which nights spoke,

an innocent heart each time they’d provoke.


Untainted hearts led to naive emotions.

Displeased, the brain would accompany the motion.


Some executions were to be made,

for brain is the one which never awaits.


Next day, along with the questions that remained,

the memory of the master did fade away.


Anguished hearts, after all,

were not supposed to wait for too long.


Barriers broken, injunctions taken away,

the only sound to be heard was of mirth and elate.


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