Halcyon Days


Passionate Inspiration

What is this thing about inspiration?

I fail to fathom.

It’s captivating, deceptive at times, yet truly gratifying. I feel that having an inspiration is like having a friend, which we all have. It just takes a moment to find the right one.

It’s a common observation that if we are asked to write an essay on a person who inspires us the most, whom we consider to be our paragon, most of us would go in for our parents or siblings or even other older family members, who certainly​ did something commendable in the past.

However, there’s one more fact that I confide in. I believe that triumph, i.e., achievement of your lifelong desire, is beyond these cliché ideals. Unless you are born to venerable parents, in an acclaimed family, where you have just the ‘right’ amount of exposure to everything, and where the members of the family have literally left their footprints on the sands of time, you should definitely go beyond your immediate surroundings.


I’ve learnt a lesson that-

“Just come out of your milieu and you will find literally the entire world at your disposal.”



Our immediate surroundings are our comfort zone. Anybody can be comfortable going to their school or workplace and doing their routine work and also meeting the ‘people’ they usually meet.

Challenge, my friend, is accepted when you step out of that little-world-of-bonhomie and confront strangers and get the best extracted out of yourself.

I understand, “easier said than done”. However, there’s another theory. After all there always has to be something contradictory to the first thing. That’s how things work.
So, the theory, according to me, tells us that “miracles don’t happen over years”. Well of course, otherwise they won’t be called so. Miracles are like a reflex, so instantaneous and unbidden that your​ brain just doesn’t get them until they’re done.

So, an inspiration is one that can cause that miracle.


We have all witnessed people change. We have all espied people who rose to possess things and powers​ nobody had.

The miracle in these scenarios would be to acknowledge your​ raison d’être.

Hard work​ indeed will take years as success is not an easily attainable thing but knowing that you have an aim will provide the strength entailed​ for the hard work. Your goal will always be with you; nothing except you yourself, can snatch it away from you. That my friend, will be your friend, which we all have- our Inspiration.

“Sometimes it is the very people who no one imagines anything of, who do the things that no one can imagine”. – Alan Turing

Replenished Self

Earlier as the sun shone bright, my words faded.

They evaporated and got intermingled with air.

It felt as if I was saying a forced goodbye to the thing I loved the most;

words left me and I just stared vacuously at the roof.

Then as monsoon knocked at my door and rain gushed down,

the craze and addiction got washed away.

The train carrying the goods of my feelings and desires, 

left the station and not much remained.

But now the blank pages have got genial embraces,

and the letters go crawling up to fill into the empty spaces.

The pen sees no limit

and it’s ink doesn’t dare to finish.

And there I go.

With my face gradually rid of the impassiveness,

I find myself at an entirely invigorating venue.

Reliving those happy moments

just as my mind ponders on the scribbled notes.

And as I sit down to fair them out,

I see another train at my door.

Of ~ Mystics

The day came when the world had to witness, 
their departure and some unrest.

The two bodies left behind turned into ashes as the two souls began their journey by escaping the flames. They flew away into the ethereal layers to explore something New. 

They were immature, which was quite evident from their act of leaving mortality. However, it did not bother them, after all, when do we ever realise our mistakes before bearing the consequences? It felt as if they were proroguing their way out; focusing on all the minute details which they were soon gonna be deprived of.

The first thing they saw were tears, rolling down the cheeks of their so-called Relatives, pouring onto the flames like acid rain. Sights of melancholy made them nauseous, forcing them to speed up a little.

 As they flew across the orange sky, embellished with the sunset, they reached far away places. They came across the ozonosphere and saw the huge holes; something that the humans on Earth feared. They soon crossed the atmospheric limits. It was dark beyond the exosphere. And they gradually faded into, what man called, the outer space.


The universe welcomed them as they were two anticipated guests. They inevitably saw many stars, learning what each truly meant. Stars were a symbol of magnificence.

They soon derived why heaven was considered to be amidst stars. 

Drifting towards the galaxies, they suddenly experienced a force.

It was the space-time continuum; thrusting upon them, powerful jolts.

Completely unbalanced, they somehow made way towards the fascinating stars, which they believed, had stories to reveal. Ultimately they reached heaven. But peace was still not at their feet. They were still to face the New level politics.

The only difference being that now they were immortal.

Let’s Make Our Way Through The Maze

In my words, it was a maze.

I would never go back to the things that I left behind.

Life is a bizarre gift of God which is too entangled to become straight. We begin from somewhere and often end up reaching a completely outlandish domain. But this too, is essential.

One moot point is also as to who we actually are. We are mere souls who have begun this journey with an empty bag and throughout our way we keep enriching it with experiences and wisdom.

I was eager to venture out into the new paths. Eager enough to forget my past.

But alas ! This was not to be. There were abundant opportunities still in my waiting list.

There was yet a lot to be done and to be learnt.

I want to tread the paths unknown,

and see to where they lead me.

I want to lie down under the starry sky,

and watch the twinkling stars patiently.

I want to watch the squirrels,

eat up the pieces of nuts.

To watch their long white teeth,

tear up the tiny chunks.

I want to enjoy the evening sky,

and watch the clouds twirl.

I want to watch the ice cream man,

make the ice cream’s top swirl.

I want to watch the drizzling waters,

during the warm days.

And see how each time the drops,

disappear in their own way.

I want to watch the snow,

gradually fill up my garden.

And see how the white fluffy flakes

make it appear so sudden.

Time flows past. One night after an extremely busy day, I thought about what I had done that day. Surprisingly, I could not think of anything. Flashing through my mind were the pictures of tasks that were still to be done.

This is human nature. A tendency to worry about the things that could not be done and those that should have happened. We should not be stuck up with our past. And boasting about something you did in the past is equally uncalled for.

All we need to do is to learn lessons from what is foregone and move on and on.

In this maze, I began my journey with a plethora of qualities. Good as well as bad. At the end of the road, however, I found that I had got rid of many. Of many bad qualities that I left behind at each turn. I would never get them back because I would never go back to get them. This is how with a passage of time, bad qualities tend to be overpowered by good ones.

Life is a maze and we can never go back to what we leave behind. Be it good or bad.


Is it true that rivals are those bound together by some bond?

Yes. But that bond need not always be a relation. People are bonded even by hatred and even by love. They can be bonded by situations and hard circumstances. The scenario can be anything.

It’s true said that we don’t always have a choice. Sometimes we don’t get to choose. 

But think once. Oh you foolish mind! Think once! 

You are living in a mirage where you think that you are always right. This mirage becomes your life.

We don’t get to choose our life. We are this way. 

But we do get to choose what we do with it.

Imagine a world where you never get to choose. You are always forced to confide in one thing without thinking whether it’s right or wrong.

Sounding too much like the Dark Ages?

 Yes. But there has to be a solid and a pertinent reason why millions of people in those times defied against the fact that they could not question things.

There is one.


When you question a thing, only then can you believe that it’s right. Blind faith is long gone. We don’t even get to hear the two words today.

There are always two aspects to a thought, a belief and an act.

Two different aspects of one thing come together to make it complete. Adequate  substitution would imply that rivals are people having two contradictory beliefs about one thing. Just like there are points ‘for’ and points ‘against’ a topic. Just like there are pros and cons to one thing. Just like there is a head and a tail to one coin. 

Similarly, there can be rivals to one thought. They are indeed, constrained by nature, by life, to hold these different beliefs. And this is mandatory.


 So that we don’t swim and eventually drown in blind faith.

Rivals are always bound together by just one thing. And that is life.


Pristinely Clinquant

She’d join the tip of her pointer to her thumb,

and she’d encircle the Sun.

Her eyes were not afraid of the bright light,

instead, they were looking for something more alive.

They wouldn’t force out her emotions,

‘tears’, what’d be your description.

She was something more than tears,

something that was in the offing in the henceforth years.

She was above all these emotions,

as if accustomed to live without any relations.

Inexperienced, immature feelings reigned in her heart,

the fire was expected as there was already a spark.

She was not a weak kneed lady who increased the Earth’s burden.

Never the less, she was the one who always tried to make it lessen.

Little Miss. Sunshine, walking down the streets,

spreading divine light, just like the aroma of bay leaves.

She was her own Sun, that’d set to the rising moon,

telling of the dauntless Sun that’d make its way through, soon.glittering-platinum-princess-flower-girl-tutu-dress3

She was like the roaming butterflies,

                                              looking for something better each time.                                                                 

She wasn’t a perfunctory regular student,

who knew how to please the devils at once.

Instead, she was like the matutinal chirping birds,

imposing foudroyant, pretty things on the nerds.

She was the shimmering stars, the source of light,

pristinely clinquant in the solitary night.

Vaguely Beautiful

It crept into my body. The intermingled emotions and the wretched feelings, the boundless anger; those lamentable words. No doubt you didn’t think before writing.

The stains of the shame that your words have left behind on my face will never vanish, no matter how much you regret later.

I wish that your words were like the drops of the drizzling water or the seeping rain which escapes quietly. But they have confined me into a room, from which there is no escape, no egress either.

The innumerable pieces of my shattered heart are lost in a world where each new entry is destroyed instantly. As you said, all my remains will disappear, too.


” I could very well read your disguise,

and understand what was hidden beneath.

But your mind it made me flummoxed,

and took me to the path discrete.


There you were, looking boldly,

into the hot red eyes of the angry Sun.

Seeing the furious flames in your eyes,

mine would begin to burn.


Emotions flew, tears ran,

rolling down my feverish pink cheeks.

And then there were just the traces of,

the disappeared remains of me.”


These harsh words yell out your silent anger. How your shattered heart’s broken pieces have just hindered your heartbeat.

This is very familiar to me. We are in the same situation together, yet far apart. All this might be new to you, but I am experienced, because this is all that I was always forced to feel.

The falling autumn leaves signify our fall this time.Who-Wants-To-Walk-In-This-Beautiful-Red-Forest.jpg I won’t blame you. It is no one’s fault. The season arrives and departs. Our fall will lead to another rise. Another mistake. Once again, hearts will break, tears will be squandered on the worthless emotions, grating words will be penned and two souls will be smashed to gentle ravage. 

How vaguely beautiful is that!
– Julie




I was always left out,

alone in the storm,

to wander through the solitary streets.~


I felt as if I,

belonged nowhere,

and was created to do ordinary deeds.~

I watched the muddy fo‌otsteps,

that I left behind on the paths,

each one getting washed away by rain.~

It was a dark night,

with swampy roads,

and each memory of mine was erased.~

This solitude was killing inside,

I had never felt more unalive,

I knew that I had to watch the seasons go by.~

Waking up, to burning brain,

flames in my eyes, no water remains,

I was becoming weak day by day.~

More problems, no solutions,

I felt like a misfit

trying to adapt to the world of perfectionists.~

But sagacity had to strike this foolish mind,

sooner or later even a tube-light shines,

now there was no ennui in my life.~

I began each day, enthusiastic with the thought,

that I had no one on my side,

because in the end, there was just one supposed to rule inside outside.~

                                                                                 – Dakshika Srivastava ♥


. Reign . Placid .

We caught eyes each day, but I shook my head and never dared to look back into those eyes.

Those black eyes seemed as frightening as confronting a hangman. It felt, as if these eyes had been awaiting for me to look into them and drown into their black ocean.

And this was scaring me to death.


Those black eyes were an ocean of innocence and had a feeling of immortality….

I was shirking away from problems, ridiculing the impoverished and becoming self-obsessed day-by-day, just like any modern-day human.


I should have faced the problems head-on, helped the poor, well-wished for others, become generous and inherited the virtues of my ancestors.

Each day, catching her eyes, was becoming more and more difficult, as if it was not my cup of tea. This was making me obscure; instead of boldly looking back into those eyes, I turned away. Each day, I found myself depleted of some of my virtues, just as I took my eyes off her, i.e. my mirror reflection.

She was kind, generous, selfless. She was everything that I was not, she was everything that was common in her world of reflection and of opposite life, where everyone feared our lifestyle and attitude.

I had spent thirteen years of my life, looking away from those powerful eyes, but now I realized my folly.

This restlessness was compelling me to take a daunting step.

And then finally, I thought that enough was enough. These gloomy feelings needed an upheaval and I stared at those eyes, boldly. 

And this was it! Within fractions of second, I found myself in a gleam of light as if I have been blessed with divinity. It was a revelation and an awakening.

I could now boldly look back into those eyes, as now there was nothing uncommon and nothing frightening.

I smiled, seeing my reflection smile, as now, we were one and the same and equanimous. 

It was tranquillity.

It was equality.

It was happening.

It was the time for Manifestation.

Ahead of us was,

The Reign of Placid…….

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